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The Hippie Golden Days: Where Did you Fit In?


What are hippies and where do they come from? Although many people think that these free-spirited people who believe in love, peace, and unity would hail from their own little green planet somewhere out there in the universe, the fact is that they don’t. They are born just like the rest of us with the only difference being in their upbringing.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hippie as “usually a young person who rejects established social customs, such as by dressing in an unusual way or living in a commune, and who opposes violence and war”. This way of life began in the United States and the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s. The Vietnam war, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Women’s Movement really spurred people on – it was the first time these things were being televised, and because of this people had more information than ever before. You could say that these new levels of exposure to the atrocities of the World were the reasoning behind the popular rise of the Hippie Movement.  

The word hippie derived its name from the term hipster that was used to describe people who were really into psychedelic music, used recreational drugs and embraced the new sexual revolution. Although people put all hippies into a single category there is actually a broad spectrum with different categories.

The Spiritual Hippie.

Spiritual hippies are the most grounded of all the designations. They embraced all religions no matter their own beliefs. They were into concepts of energies, auras, and consciousness. Spiritual hippies love to stargaze and refer to astrology to explain aspects of their lives.

The Old School Hippie.

Old School hippies were pioneers of the hippie tradition. They called marijuana “grass”, smoked joints and followed bands across the country. Old School hippies were the originals, they slept in their vehicles or in cheap motels and their children followed the same lives as them.

The New School Hippie.

New School hippies’ parents were old school hippies. They were the result of the sexual revolution and were born after the end of the Vietnam War. New School hippies feel like they were born in the wrong era. They have a lot of frustration at the attitudes of the people of their generation, their societal expectations, and the lack of peace within the world.

The Activist Hippie.

These are the hippies that most often make it onto the news. They protest anything that is unfair in society; namely, they protest against violence, oppression, or cruelty. 

The Eco-Activist Hippie.

The Eco-Activist is simply an activist who advocates for the environment. They don’t buy or wear leather products and are vegan as protecting the environment is a top priority of theirs. They also try to reduce their carbon footprint in any way they can.

The Au Natural Hippies.

Au Natural Hippies do not believe in using stuff that doesn’t come directly from nature. They refrain from using artificial man made products such as soaps and deodorants. If hygiene products do not have a natural alternative, they won’t use them. This is probably why people avoid au natural hippies! 

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